Thieving Capes


Thieving is a skill that can be trained at Thieve (Falador). It gives you a lot of money and is fairly fast to train. When you get 99 thieving, you can steal from the Silk Stall to get 4m per steal.

Although not the fastest skill to train to level 99, it is arguably the fastest to get from level 99 to the maximum of 1,000M exp assuming the most common methods of training are used,

Secret Training Area (::tele 03358 03416)

Okay so this is a really easy thing to do and gets you from 91 Thieving to 99 Thieving Quickly

Note: You must have Lv 91 Thieving to access this.

Ok to start you use the regular Shops teleport

Then you go North and end up at wooden planks

Cross them

Now search around to the northern-central area of the digsite and you will find a Silver Stall

This stall gives out about 900k and gets you from 91 Thieving to 99 Thieving fairly quick.

There is also a Silk Stall that gives out the regular 4M for Silk Stalls south-east of here.

Credit goes to: Wolf12145


  • When you steal from the gem stall and it says "you receive 500k", you really only get 350k.
  • Tough most people think if you would need 80 Thieving to steal from the gem stall that you would get more experience, but the magic stall actually gives more than the gem stall.