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Emote tab

The emote tab is a great way for teleporting. other tan ::tele XXXX YYYY

**The emote tab consists of 12 different teleports.**

West: It used to be the main home of GodzHell. You would first spawn here back in 2010.

Train: where you can get all your combat levels up to 99 and get some cool items!

Veng: Doesn't work :( 

Skillz: The main hangout of GodzHell. (Mainly where dps are)

Edge: Used to be able to PK here.. **Consists of a shop!** Theiv: Where you can get 99 theive!

Fish: Where you can get 99 fish!

Hang: Used to be the main hangout in GH. Great zone for dps.

Barrw: Barrows. Kill everyone to get to the chest!

Shops: Consists of 11 shops! (Main shops of GH)

WC: Where you can mine,smith,wc. Also, has portals!



Naay: Makes you do the Naay emote. (dance)

By - x100

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