Smithing Capes

The capes with the untrimmed version


Smithing is a skill that can be trained at WC, accessed from the emotes tab.

To train smithing, you must use ores on the furnace found to the south of the houses at WC. This makes them into corresponding metal bars.

Ores can also be mined in one of the houses here which can then be used to smith.


If you don't want to mine your ores, the best way to train smithing is to mine one copper ore. You can then use this on the furnace repeatedly without it ever running out.

However it is recommended that you get 99 smithing after achieving 99 mining, and use the rune ores you gather to get smithing up. You should get enough rune ores from that to last you beyond level 99.

Unlike the copper, rune ore is actually used up. Rune ores gives 1M exp each when smelted, and so this makes smithing an extremely fast skill once you have gathered the ores.

If you want to keep the bars. make sure you have 1 open slot in your inventory. if you do not, you will not get a bar and the ore will disappear. However, you will still get the experience even if you do not have an empty slot! The bank nearby can be used to store the bars once you have made them.


  • You only get a null for getting 99 smithing, yet the trimmed version is still available in Shops.
  • When you get to level 99 smithing you can make rune platebodies which sell for 40k while the bars only sell for 3k.