Slayer Basics

Slayer area

Turoths in slayer area

Slayer is a skill that allows players to kill monsters while sometime making money and training their combat skills. To start slayer, go to ::tele 03430 03540 and kill chickens. The bones they drop (ourg bones) are the best bone in the game so if you going for 99 prayer kill chickens and bury the bones for a few minutes. When your ready, you can progress to the next room. When you reach the cave bugs keep in mind that the black boots that the sometimes drop are very expensive (652mill in the general store) so its a great idea to keep them and then sell them.

Slayer Tower

Where to train slayer:

::tele 03430 03540 (Slayer Tower) and ::tele 02340 09844 (Slayer area)

Slayer Creatures:

- Chickens (Level 1)

- Skeletons (Level 15)

- Crawling Hand (Level 30)

- Cave Bug (level 40)

- Jelly (Level 50)

- Turoths (Level 60, Found only at Slayer Area)

- Aberrant Scepter (Level 65)

- Abyssal Demon (Level 75)

- Dark Beast (Level 90)