Okay guys, I've given enough warnings etc, here are the new rules for this wiki. If you don't follow them, you can fosho expect to be blocked, got it??

Rule 1: SPAM!

Do not spam or make any dumb, immature edits. These get extremely annoying, and you can expect to be blocked for a very long time if you do this.

Rule 2: Editing Pages/Creating Pages

This is not a forum or blog. This is a Wiki. I've seen a lot of you throw comments in with your edits. Now seriously, if you go to and look up an article, you'll never see an article like, "cats can see in the dark, which I think is pretty cool!" So from now on, only make articles/edits with pure information, no comments of yours, nothing like that. People don't care what you think, they care what the actual truth is.. there's talk pages for that stuff. If you do this you will be warned. Second warning = 3 day block. Third warning = 1 week block. 4th = 1 month. 5th = 1 year. 6th = perm.

Rule 3: Talk about duping, scamming etc.

Ok there is to be no more talking about duping, scamming, glitch pking, cheating, or anything like that. If you do this, you get auto 1 month block, then if you do again, perm block.

Rule 4: False info

No more putting information unless you know for a fact that it's true. Don't put myths down, you have to have 100% proof that it's true. Things like starting rumors that people are the owner, or mods, or anything, is not allowed. Mods, Admins, and the Owner of godzhell will have a crown next to their name when they talk.  I don't know why people think that this server is different from the rest. If you post this you get warning, All of the information has to be true if it isn't it will be deleted off the wiki 2nd time = 1 week block, 3rd = 1 year, 4 = perm.