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This page is a listing of rares that aren't extinct, items that have been removed from the extincts page,  and items that aren't extinct yet not completely common in the Godzhell World. If you decide to add something make sure to actually know that it's not going to be a very common item. If I mentioned an item still extinct or leaked in a drop party feel free to remove it.

  • Admin Boots
  • Owner Boots
  • Ladies Set (Not including Helm or Sword.)
  • Ivandis Set(Not including Helm, Gloves, or Sword)
  • Rune Whip
  • 2008 H'ween Mask
  • Rat Poles
  • Blue Pirate
  • Black Skirt (White)
  • Black Full Helm (Red)
  • Black Platebody,  Sq. Shield
  • Custom Partyhats (Dragon, Steel, Gray, Barrows, Mithril)
  • White Square Shield
  • Summoning Cape
  • Binding Necklace and Games Necklace (Leakedish)
  • Zombie Gloves and Boots
  • Brown Apron
  • Fox and Chicken
  • Pink and Green Boots
  • Blue Broodoo shield
  • All tribal Tops
  • Orange Tribal Mask
  • Villager Bottom (All colors)
  • Zamorak Robe Top and Bottom
  • Lathas' Amulet
  • Banners
  • Turqouise Robes and Red Robes
  • Boaters
  • Cavaliers (Excluding Black)
  • Silver Necklace
  • Demon Horns #2
  • Zamorak Cape
  • Splitbark Armor (Gloves are a drop & excluding Helmet, which is an extinct)
  • Fremminik Robes
  • Ice Gloves
  • Holy and Unholy Necklaces (Unholy being the more rare of the 2)
  • Shade Robes
  • Knife
  • Addy gloves
  • Monkey bag (Weapon Slot)
  • Mourner set
  • Zamorak crozier
  • Zamorak robe bottoms and top
  • Red/Yellow menaphite top & Action-kilt
  • Spined armour
  • Gnomeball

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