Hello guys, well I haven't been much active for the past weeks and I decided to leave all rsps and games like it, for the simple reason because I got exams coming up which is very important and I don't have the same fun as I used to. I won't be active on the wiki too, and also we have a couple good admins like Seth active ATM which are doing a good job and we also have a active beurocrat too so I don't think me leaving the wiki will have much of an effect. I want to thank everyone that had a good impact in godzhell and all my friends that made it so fun and what it was. Some people might have noticed that I have unfriended them on Facebook, and this is not to do with anything bad it was just because I was already thinking of leaving all this behind and I thought unfriended all people I met on godzhell is the first step of leaving it all behind. A message to twist and Seth - your both good staff and I think you will look after this wiki very well, thanks guys. Bye.

Ibos 100

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