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Melee is one of the easiest skills to get 99 in. This guide will walk you through the quickest way to achieve 99 in Attack , Strength , or Defence .

First of all, all 3 melee skills are trained in the exact same way. The only difference in training them is your attack style. Open your combat tab and select an attack style based on the skill you want to train. Attack is usally the first option, Strength is usually the second (and occasionally the third), and Defence is usally the last option. Shared experience is sometimes used for the second (and/or third option if there are four attack styles), which gives even experience in all three skills. While you train melee skills, you will also automatically gain Hitpoints experience.


The best setup for starting your training would be to use a 'perfect' ring or an Armadyl godsword . Once you are using one of these two items, anything else you are wearing doesn't really matter at all. Just make sure you use a melee weapon, or even your fist will work just fine.

Other optional gear you can wear, or gear to wear if you don't have a 'perfect' ring or AGS:

  • Fire cape
  • Abyssal whip (trains only attack, shared, and defence)
  • Godswords
  • Dragon scimitar
  • Dragon boots
  • Amulet of fury/strength
  • Bandos armor
  • Fighter torso
  • Rune defender
  • Obsidian shield

Even if you're fighting non-aggressive monsters, you'll still want to bring some food. Fish or buy some manta rays and you'll be set for easy combat.


I recommend fighting any monsters that have a lot of hitpoints. Good ones are monsters that have multiple health bars. Here is a list of some possible monsters to fight with their locations and possible drops. Keep in mind that there are many others you can choose from.

Name Rating Number Location Drops Notes
Jogres ** 2 Train teleport Dragon battleaxe, Dragon mace There are only two of these, and you could be faced with competition from other players. They don't have too much health, but they have 2 or 3 health bars.
Baby Blue Dragons **** 3, 4 Blue dragon lair Ashes,coins,nulls There are four of these near the regular blue dragons, so you can kill the blue dragons as they respawn to occasionally get some decent drops while you train. This place is also usually pretty deserted. These tend to have a little more health than Jogres.
Fire Giants *** 9 Lassar teleport in Ancients spellbook Rune items These have a good amount of health, and there is a large quantity of them. They usually aren't very crowded either. The only downside is that they are decently spaced out from eachother, and you really can't get any good drops.
Kalphites **** 20+ (estimate) "C" teleport in Ancients spellbook Nothing, but Kalphite Queen has cool drops These are great to train on, however you will need more food when training here as opposed to other places because of the Kalphite Queen. You will be constantly attacked by the Queen until you kill it. There is a huge abundance of kalphites to kill, all having a good amount of health to train on. Because there are so many, you'll be able to constantly be attacking something and getting experience. The only real downside is the Kalphite Queen's attacks.

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