Project gh 199
Godzhell Pickpocket 1

Added an pickpocket system, still being worked on.

Skill menu 1

2nd part of the attack skill menu

Project Godzhell 1
Welcome to the Project Godzhell page.

There has been failed remakes of godzhell and failed servers like godzhell. the server will have npc clipping inplanted in soon. the beta for the server will be up soon.. 

WebClient is up now =) fully working thanks to ethan.


the poll for npc clipping has ended. it was added. the poll for skill guides has ended. it will be added.

if u see an missing npc's do ::1 (npcid) not moving and ::walk (npcid) for walking 

thanks to everyone who supported me =) the server might come back i dont know if i can get it to be turned on. i hope everyone had an good time with project godzhell it was the closest to godzhell ever was with pk working =)

im rebooting the server it will be on guys =P and with ghr being online u can have u full gh fun =P

Ownage sgsrocks

28 clients at once =P

<poll> Do U want an lava whip? for an new lava item? Yes No </poll>

Cow farm

cow farm northwest of lumbridge

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