Being glitched pk is a pain and is really annoying, well to prevent this is real easy if you know exactly what to do. If someone says, come to ::tele 02549 03162 (just an example) for a trade and you think its pk then you can take off your armour and bank it before you tele to the spot someone asks you to go. Once there and the person is also there, click "attack" on her/she and if a message comes up saying "You must move deeper in the wilderness to attack this person", then the place is Glitch Pk

Move deeper

In Godzhell with the Move deeper in wilderness text taken at home (Null). This means this place is PK.

worthy and you should immediatly teleport away and abort the trade, If no message comes up then no pking can take place in that certain area at all and it is safe to take out your items and trade.


Another thing is when the server disconnects this can not only result in bank reset or partial bank reset, but also being "Glitch PKED." A very simple way of preventing this from happening due to your character being in another location (via server disconect) is to open the emote slot and click thiev. The reason to clicking thiev is that no one would ever dare to pk there because it is believed that there will always be a large number of players there. Dangerous places for you to reconect in are: The starting area(where you start as a new player), null, Mountanous region, etc. So if it disconects remember the emote tele trick. Admin--Wolf12145 19:07, August 21, 2010 (UTC)