Partyhats are obtained from the partyhat minigame, trading another player. There are 8 different colors

The colors are; red ,yellow ,green blue white purple and black. There is also a large ammount of custom partyhats. They come in colours like the coustom santas. some are; Rune, Gold, Addy & Bronze. There are many more out there probably that havnt been traded yet.

Red is usually not worth anything because of how common it is dropped from barbarian women, which are easily killed

Value form least expensive to most expensive: red, green, blue, yellow, black, white, purple,


Red Party hat

Green phat

Green Partyhat

Black phat

Black Partyhat

Blue Phat

Blue Partyhat

Yellow Phat

Yellow Partyhat

White Phat

White Partyhat

Purple Phat

Purple Partyhat