My username is someonelse13. If you are tired of seeing "This page tells you mods are gay," then do not worry. I am here to write legitimate facts on how to make money and have fun doing it.

First off is the easiest way, and that is to be a thief. A lot of people complain of thieving taking too long to do, but do not worry. There are plenty of people who go/went through the same thing, and trust me, its well worth it. Once you have achieved maximosity, lol tried to make up a word, you will be granted Four Million GP per take on the final stand. There is also a glitched stall in the archeology place above the shops emoticon tele, not ::tele.

Second is one of my favorites: SLAYER!!! Slayer is a fun part of GH because it has a variety of monsters, all of which drop great and useful things. For instance need to get prayer up? Fight a couple of the green ghouls and get some ourg bones. Those go for a pretty penny in the Skillz shop.

Well I will add more later. But for now it is off to the land of sleep!!! Peace out and add me. See ya

Someonelse13 06:18, July 13, 2010 (UTC)