Making Money/Skills

This guide will show you how to make money with skills.


Activity Effectiveness
Mine Rune Ore and sell it to the general store at Skillz. **


Activity Effectiveness

Smith Rune ores into Rune Bars and make shit out of the bars.



Activity Effectiveness
Fish Shrimps.
Fish Lobster. *
Fish Shark. **
Fish Manta Ray. ***


Activity Effectiveness
Steal from the Scimitar stall for 100k per steal. **
Steal from the Magic stall for 250k per steal. ***
Steal from the Silk Stall for 4M per steal. *****


Activity Effectiveness
Cut Willow Trees
Cut Maple Trees
Cut Yew Trees behind Varrock Palace **
Cut Magic Trees and get 1M each time you "get some logs" *****

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