Money Making Guide - Partyhats

This page will tell you how to make money at the Partyhat Minigame.

Effectiveness Difficulty Description
** **** Kill the ghost, chaos druid warrior, and the ice giant to get through the portal. Kill the lesser demon, then kill the general. Finally, kill the Jungle Demon to go to the partyhat chest. This is hard because of all the players competing.
*** *** This is slightly easier than the first method. Overkill the monsters as they die to have a better chance of winning.
*** ** When you get to the minigame, just kill the lesser demon with magic to be teleported to the general. Overkill to win.
***** ** Teleport to Skillz, then run over to the gate and go across the river to the lesser demon place and attack him with magic through the fence. This way is the fastest.

This no longer provides partyhats.