Money Making - Barrows

This page tells how to make money with the Barrows minigame. There are several different ways.

Effectiveness Difficulty Description
** **** Killing the brothers the long way requires you to kill them and just hope you get the kill, but this is very hard.

*** -


You don't even have to hurt the brothers to get through. When they have fallen, overkill them with magic so you have a better chance of getting a drop, though other players do this too, so do it as rapid as you can.
***** * Instead of overkilling when they die, just keep clicking on their dead body over and over again. You are almost 100% sure to get the drop if you do this, unless your combat level is lower than theirs, but it is still likely.
***** ** Kill dharok, then when you get to Verac, go to the side where Karil is and attack him with magic. Overkill him if other people are competing with you. This will take you straight to the chaos elemental. Then go past him to the corner next to the chest and click the chest. Use the key on the chest multiple times to get multiple Barrows items. It helps if you are laggy.