Most of the time when you log in, you can log in at "home or "null" as you call it (sometimes in random places), this area is pk and there is way to quick escape. Before you log on to your main, make a quick account to see if the server is running and not lagging, so enter a username such as "dje8fhsdj" just random spam and just check if the server is running smooth. If the server is alright, then log in to your main account, and as the screen is black and it says "Loading please wait" rapidly type "::smith" and hit enter to teleport there as your character loads. This avoids getting pked and loosing all your items. (Smith is a safe area also you can do ::mine or wherever else is Non-Pk). This always works and should be used by everyone everytime they log in. Going to your emote page and pressing skillz takes 5 seconds longer then typing ::smith so this way theres no way you are getting pked.

Danster (Dungoneering, QQ Rage Quit, Im Danny)

Another tactic is to not even make a new account, just as soon as you hit log in and you see the game screen pop up, type ::wc as fast as you can over and over, or set up an Auto Typer to do it for you. This will make it impossible for you to be killed, and it will stop you from being nulled. It's also faster to type than ::smith. -- Jose/Mooshu 17:57, July 31, 2010 (UTC)