"Locked Up" is a term used to describe when you have done nothing wrong on Godzhell, and when you try to access your account, a long wait happens, and it says ERROR CONNECTING TO SERVER, but you can access other accounts with no problem. It is currently impossible to get on your account if this happens, though it may be fixed later. This causes rare items that have a few amount left to disappear from the game forever. This may be the reason Third Age Mage Armor and other items are now very rare.

Why This is Happening

It is unkown for sure why this is happening, but some of the causes may be:

  1. At a specific time, their may be a bug that causes you to be unable to use your account
  2. The new LAG PREVENTION they are added may be the cause
  3. Other players are doing it to you
  4. Resetting is back, but instead you are becoming unable to access your account
  5. It may be accessible on a different computer
  6. Your password randomly changed (extremely unlikely)
  7. Your account's files have been erased from their server
  8. Other players doing things (like duping) that cause the server to be busy may effect people around you
  9. Some areas have bugs that make this happen