Lava equipment are various pieces of recolored armor dropped by Dagannoth Supremes . The set includes:

These pieces of armor are all equipped in the weapon slot and give no bonuses. They are commonly found in drop parties hosted by players with little experience who do not know they are dropped by monsters.

Each armor piece is ranked 3 on the Rarity Scale (click for more info).

Drop Rate

After killing Dagannoths for a while, these were the drops I collected:

Gauntlets: 13 (35%)

Shields: 8 (22%)

Helmets: 6 (16%)

Boots: 4 (11%) 

Chainmail: 3 (8%)

Platelegs: 3 (8%)

These resutls show that the legs and body are the most rare, and gauntlets and shields are the most common. The results are not perfect, and the more drops I collect, the more accurate these rate will become. Note: These are only the drop rates from when the Dagannoths drop lava equipment. They do not drop lava equipment 100% of the time. Roughly 1 in every 5 to 10 kills yields a lava equipment drop.


A full set of lava equipment, displayed in the inventory and on the ground.

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