Hitpoints Capes


Hitpoints is a skill that can be trained whenever you attack something. You start with 99/10 hitpoints, enabling you to be able to wear the trimmed hitpoints cape. If you train ranged for hitpoints, you will reach 99 hitpoints and ranged at the same time, unless you use the target at Train.


Training range in the partyhat mini game used to also be a good way to train hitpoint. However since the partyhat minigame does not work anymore it is useless to train hitpoint. If you want to to still know how to get partyhats in the partyhat minigame there is still another way i found out (check out my other page called partyhat minigame). Back to the point i think scorpions are the best. Scorpions are the best way to get xp in Godzhell in my point of view. There tele cords is ::tele 02935 09760. There is a good number of scorpions here and kill all using a perfect ring or AGS. You might need to wait a bit for them to respawn.