Herblore Capes


Herblore is a skill that can be trained by buying herbs at the extra shops found by teleporting to Varrock. When you have the herbs, use them with a vial of water to get an unfinished potion. Then use one of the other items in the shop to finish the potion. This skill takes a long time to get up. But you ask where it is well you have find out


Just buy the items needed for making Attack potions and make those until 99 Herblore.

I myself did Ranging Potions which I believe may work a bit better than Attack until 99.

The Potion Ingredients

Guam-Vial-Eye Of Newt=Attack Potion

Irit-Vial-Eye Of Newt=Super Attack shit

Marrentil-Vial-Unicorn Horn Dust=Anti-Poison Potion

Tarromin-Vial-Limpwurt Root=Strength Potion

Harralander-Vial-Red Spider Eggs=Restore Poition

Rannarr-Vial-Snape Grass= Prayer Potion

Irit-Vial-Unknown Avantoe-Vial-Mort Myre Fungi=Energy Potion

Avantoe-Vial-Mort Myre Fungi = Super Energy Potion (Found in attempt to make a Energy Potion)

Kwuarm-Vial-Dragon Scale Dust= Weapon Poison Potion

Cadantine-Vial-Eye Of Newt = Super Attack

Dwarf Weed-Vial-Wine of Zamorak=Ranging Potion

kwaurm-vail-limpwort root=super strength

Plus if you max skill you can get reset.