Where each of the pieces of H.A.M clothing go.

The H.A.M set consists of:

  • H.A.M Top
  • H.A.M Skirt
  • H.A.M boots
  • H.A.M Gloves
  • H.A.M Hood
  • H.A.M Cape
  • H.A.M Logo

The H.A.M set does not provide any stat bonuses and are purely worn for the look. The H.A.M set was a respectable extinct a year ago until it got spawned. later on the H.A.M set was massively leaked and is now a very common sight in Godzhell. The H.A.M logo is the only part of the set that still remains extinct. The rarest part of H.A.M is the top and bottom's.

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