I am creating this page to list all staff accounts in game. A thanks to swoc for helping me with names. There is a similier page to this on the wiki but that page on lists the more official staff and not all. This will list all staff that is actuelly in game. If i miss any or if i got any wrong you are welcome to edit and remove it. There are currintly no hidden admins in godzhell or other staff besides mod, admin and owner. - ibos 100


- Broster

- The pacific

- Firefaux

- Sir void

- Soraaa

- Online

- Adamtheowner

- Goldfish 

- Lilskiller47

- Soraaa

- Playback

- I use rune

- Max Skillz


- Iamalegend 

- Whakaumau

- Ollie99443

- Small war

- Megaupload

- The Sinned

- The best1 


- Traxxas

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