Drop party

An example of a drop party.

Godzhell would never have been known for what it is without one vital piece of the puzzle, Drop Parties! Drop Parties are a reasonably good chance of receiving easy rares in seconds, although there are certain tricks that can make the difference of you receiving 5 items, rather than 1.

1. Always know who is hosting the Drop Party This is very important, as it will allow you to have a clear view where to stand when dropping. (Most people don't even follow this simple rule and just stand anywhere which will never be helpful).

2.Stand somewhere the host has stood This can be very helpful, since 90% of the time, where ever you stand after when the host stood at that location there will be an item underneath you.

3.Try and memorise other locations where the host stood This can give you a good headstart compared to the competitors as you will surely have a good understanding where the next item is.

4.ALWAYS PUT RUN ON! This is extremely vital, and often a common mistake. When you log in, you automatically start of in the "walk" motion, and you will have to select run every time!

5.Quickly tap on the location on where you are standing This can be very helpful as the faster you click the button on your mouse, the better chance of receiving the item on the ground.

If you follow these 5 easy steps, you will have a clear edge into receiving items from drop parties. Recently, there has been a few drop parties in which extremely rare items were dropped, so keep your eyes peeled! Keep in note there is always a drop party everyday in Godzhell.


Kane's Tip: Teleother people who are doing the drop party ;)

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