I'm currently in the process of remaking the GodzHell website with internal + external.

Link: Here

So i decided to write the server sided code for allstar + project czar or what ever you want to call it, connect to the SQL Database and I'm about 10% in, I have the login checks for username and password, and if username doesn't exist create a new entry with username and password into the sql database. Only to find out that 000Webhost the webhost that i am currently using, does not support sql connection from anything other than PHP. So i'm currently in the process of finding a new Preferably free webhost as it will take a couple of days for me to transfer money from my bank onto my paypal, and then another day or so to transferr the nameservers for domain. If anybody knows any free webhosts that allow remote connection to the SQL servers please let me know. I will continue to host the website where it currently is untill then, If anyone wants to check out the progress etc you can do so at

Login info format Username:Password




Credits to jesse for the Server+Client I'm going to be using to write and test my code.

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