I know almost every GodzHell player who uses the wiki has probably decompiled the GodzHell Client, and I know Jesse has a client he calls "GodzHell client V(whatever version it's on)", But this is the first time that everyone will have a version of the Official GodzHell client from the website, that they can edit (Not Jesse's version of the GodzHell Client).

Pros: It can be used for more accurate GH Remakes. 

Cons: The client has been poorly maintained, allot of the code in it uses stuff that is no longer on the GH website. You may need to change the cache to load from anywhere but the Godzhell website, as it may eventually be removed, due to GodzHell being offline.

Is this a virus? no.

Virus scan?


Decompiled + Editable:

Did I change anything? I configured the client to connect to localhost on port 43594 + Changed dependencie code so that it could be used.

Pics? Ye m8. (Right click, open in new tab)

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

The source in Picture 5, is the one that was found on rune-server.

Link here: Rune-server

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