Gilded Armor consists of a platebody, a full helmet, platelegs, skirts and Kiteshields. You can buy your own from the famous 'Fancy Dress Owner'

The Owner will shout out ''RARE GILDED SHOP!! and he is located in Thessalia's store in varrock next to the gypsy's tent. And in the black zone.

Gilded Platebody

Guilded armor does not increase your stats up (a.k.a Crush Strength etc.) Its just some armour to show off !


Gilded Platelegs


Gilded Platebody: 407776 Gold (407K)

Gilded Full Helm.: 226598 Gold (226K)

Gilded Platelegs: 401764 Gold (401K)

Gilded Skirt: 401764 Gold (401K)

Gilded Kiteshield: 343842 Gold (343K)

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