Fishing Cape

Fishing Cape


Fishing is a skill that can be trained at Fish. You must start by fishing shrimps. Constantly click the fishing spot to get your level up. You can cook the fish on a fire to train cooking.

Fishing sharks

Fishing Sharks at fish, which can be found by going to your emotes tab.


This skill is incredible easy to get 99 of, and it

should take around 10 minutes to finish

From level 1 - 70, you fish Shrimps. This may seem like a huge gap and you might think Lobster is faster, but no. Shrimps gives about 11 400 experiance per Shrimp and Lobsters only 1740 experiance per Lobster!

From level 70 - 85, fish sharks. After level 70 fishing the process to 99 fishing will only take about 2-3 minutes.

From level 85 - 99, fish Manta Rays which can be used on a fire to achieve 99 cooking very quickly if you wanna do two skills at the same time

The hood looks identical to quest hood but is worn in the right slot.