Farming Skillcapes



Herb patch

Farming is a skill that requires you to put herb seeds in a herb patch. Godzhell currently only have herb patches usable on farming, so other regular farming seeds doesn't exist.

Where to find and use seeds?

You can buy herb seeds from the shop keeper with white shirt at Shops in the emote tab.

In order to train farming at all, we need to find the Herb patch (displayed in the picture). By going to WC in the emotes tab, then head towards the ancient magic altar found near the Dark Mage. The portal right next to the altar is the one that takes you to the similiar area with the lumberjack event from Runescape. Click on the seeds, then on the herb patch to successfully plant the seeds and you will recieve a herb and experiance.

'Following seeds are exact from '1-99:

{(amount) - (name of seed)}

100 - Guam

100 - Marrentill

100 - Tarromin

100 - Harralander

100 - Ranarr

100 - Snapdragon

100 - Irit

100 - Avantoe

100 - Kwuarm

30 - Cadantine

1 - Dwarf Weed