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Dont post your name on this page saying you own a rare item. Don't make up fake items because I'm pretty sure I know what items are in this game. Don't edit the page and say you made it, thats just stupid. Please don't take items off the list, this is mostly correct as it stands.

The items stand as.

  • 3rd age Range Armour (Plate is leaked).
  • Monkey Greegrees
  • Blue Tribal Mask.
  • Easter Ring
  • Marionettes
  • Skeletal Gloves
  • Barrows Defender
  • Snakeskin Vamps
  • Snakeskin Chaps
  • Snakeskin boots.
  • Snakeskin Hat
  • Heraldic Shields (A few are leaked).
  • Hunting Cape & a few more.
  • Glowing Fungus
  • Light blue hat.
  • Desert Robes.
  • New Crystal Shield.
  • Mining Helmet (With light turned on).
  • Silverthril Rod.
  • Mud Pie.
  • Un-Enchanted amulets (Ruby, Dragon, Diamond, Emerald, And Sapphire).
  • Amulet of Nature.
  • Fungicide Spray (1-10).
  • Flame Pit.
  • Oil Lamp.
  • Blamish shell (Most).
  • Crushed Gemstone.
  • Turtoise Shell.
  • Crushed Nest.
  • Leather Book.
  • Broken Pickaxe (Some).
  • Axeman's Folly (1-4)(1m-4m).
  • Toxic Powder.
  • Gun Powder.
  • Jute Fibre.
  • Villager Sandals
  • 'perfect' gold ore.
  • Woad leaf.
  • Lava eel
  • Certificate
  • Stone Ball
  • Iron oxide
  • Flash powder
  • Cider(2)
  • Marigolds
  • Ogre relic
  • Damaged dagger
  • Herb
  • Shade robe (top)
  • Smithing hood
  • Yo-yo and Nulled Yo-yo
  • Menap Robeskirt (Pink)
  • Quest Hood
  • Grain
  • Blurite Sword
  • Wooden Shield(round one)
  • Black Claws
  • Black 2h Sword
  • Full Green Fremmy Robes
  • Harry's Cutlass
  • Model Ship(s).
  • Decapitated Zombie Set
  • Monkey
  • Ring of charos
  • Orb of Light
  • 10th Squad Sigil
  • Zamorak Stole
  • Pumpkin Mask
  • Pumpkin
  • Disc of Returning
  • Goldsmith Gauntlets
  • Golden Bowl
  • Ectophial
  • Black Green skirt
  • Construction Hood
  • Catspeak Amulets.
  • Original Ghostspeak Amulet
  • There are many extinct rares in Godzhell, and the point of this page is to see what items are truly extinct or "rare". The items listed are slowly coming back from years ago through people logging in on their old accounts, and through the people who were given or payed for spawned items. Feel free to add to this list any items that have been left out, but make sure you are 100% correct!

Originally created by Danster. Thanks to anyone who added anything, it helps :)

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