Drops are items monsters drop. They are occasionally turned off. If they are on, a player can receive an item that the monster has dropped. If they are off, you will not be able to get any items, including barrows items from the barrows minigame and partyhats from the partyhat minigame until the drops are turned back on.


Alot of monsters in godzhell have drops. Some drops are said to be turnt off. Some claim during 2008-9 some monsters dropped extincts however now that its turnt off you cant get them that easily anymore besides from players, this is just some old players saying. barrows mini game still works, partyhat mini game does not work in its normal form however there is still a way to do the game which is shorter than the actuel. Some nice drops you can get are from blue dragons or kalpite queen. 

- ibos 100

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