How to avoid drop trading scams - Using distance drop trading!

Example of distance drop trading.


When your about to trade, use a telecode so you can be alone and not bothered by others.

Start off by moving about 10-13 steps away from eachother, count to 3 and both drop.

Wait and stand still, if they start to move pick up your item and start over.

If you have dropped, but he didn't.. pick up your items and leave simply.

With the 10-13 steps he has to walk, you should have enough time to pick up your stuff before he gets it.

If both have dropped successfully, give a sign to your trader that you see hes loot.

The point is that both have to see the loot before running towards it.

Once both loot's are on the ground, run towards at the same time, while making sure your trade partner doesnt

pick up hes stuff before you can grab it.

You can still get scammed by doing this. If the other person has an plat. acc for example they can go ::invs and come right next to you or by using Rob-gobs cheat client. *YOU CAN GET SCAMMED*

Happy trading!

- Tom

If you are trading more than one item for example if he is going to give 2 items to you and you will give 2 items to him you should do it 1 at a time. For example tell him to drop 1 item and you drop 1 item so if he does scam and not drop his item you will only be losing 1 item instead of both. Do one item at a time - ibos 100

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