The Daggs

Mod Island ::tele 02525 03377

Dagganoths on mod island drop a number a various items including nulls,lava armour,trimmed amour,santa hats, scarfs and hats and more. While fighting them be aware of the King Black Dragons just a few spaces north of them that will attack you. It is advised that you bring good armour weapons a food while fighting dagganoths because of the high possiblilty of being attack by KBD's.

Mod Cave ::tele 02525 04646

Dagganoths in mod cave drop only nulls, bones, bronze keys, and lava armour so if you are only searching for lava amrour, it is advised you kill them here. There are many different types of dagganoths here also so if you are looking for an area to train this is a good area for it.