Crafting Capes


Crafting is a skill that can be trained by buying hides, needles, and thread from the meditating mage at WC.

The untrimmed cape is extinct.

Road to 99 Crafting:

This skill is probably the most "effort" requiring skill as its not as fast as the others, where you gain ridiculus amount of experiance each time you do something.


Dark mage

The Dark Mage at WC

- Head towards WC by going to your emotes tab and talk to the dark mage

- Buy yourself a needle, alot of soft leather and alot of thread.

- Start off by making 28 leather gloves so you can make leather chaps

- Leather chaps requires 1 soft leather and 4 thread, but pays off by giving you 13860 experiance each.

"How many soft leather and threads do i need for 99 crafting?"

- It requires 1124 soft leather and 5000-6000 threads to get 99 crafting

- Pluss the 28 soft leather you used to make leather gloves until you could make leather chaps

Happy craftin'

- Tom