On this article, I will tell and show you how to train all the combat skills. Hope you like it!


Attack is a skill you can train by killing monsters with swords. By having higher attack, you will hit more often and be able to weild better weapons. You can buy weapons at various places like shops and are dropped by monsters.


This is usually a padawans first 99 out of attack, defense, and strength. By having higher strength a player could hit higher. This skill is pretty straight-forward.


Defence is a skill that makes monsters/players hit higher hits less frequently. With defence, a player could also wear better armor to protect themselves.

Sub Note:

Project Czar has no defence system, no matter what armor you wear or have equipped,

it will not effect the rate or ammount at which NPC's attack or damage you.


High ranging will make you hit higher with bows and arrows. By having higher ranging, a player could hit higher with it. Ranging is very easy and you could get 99 hitpoints at the same time. You could either buy a bow and do ::arrows to train ranging, or you could go to "train" on the emotes tab and shoot at the target. Shooting at the target is slower.


Magic is a skill that lets you cast spells on the thing your training on. You train your magic by using teleport spells. YOU DO NOT NEED THE RUNES TO TELEPORT NOR THE MAGIC LEVEL! To get runes type ::runes.


Prayer is trained by buying bones at "skillz" on the emote tab. Prayer is really fast to level up, but almost impossible to get the bones because people either kill the shopkeeper or bones are sold out. It takes less then 200 bones to get 99, which means only about 2k to get since bones cost 10gp each.


Hitpoints is trained whenever you use combat skills. By having higher hitpoints, you will have more time to live mostly. To regain hitpoints you are to eat food. If you don't know how to get food you could either get raw food by fishing then cooking it at WC, type ::starter for 1000 monkfish, or buy from another player when trade is on.

The end!