Boater Hats

An example of what a Boater looks like.

There are 5 Boater Hats, each in a different colour:

  • Red Boater
  • Blue Boater
  • Green Boater
  • Black Boater
  • Orange Boater

The Boater Hats don't boost up any stats and are purely worn for the look. Boaters were an extinct a year ago although it eventually got spawned. Boaters are still very much rare apart from the Orange Boater, which recently got leaked to the majority of the Godzhell public.

The boaters in order of the rarest is....1 = rarest 5 = least rarest

1. Red Boater

2. Black Boater

3. Blue Boater

4. Green Boater

5. Orange Boater

This might be wrong but im very sure its like this, if it is wrong just change it but make sure you definitly correct.- ibos 100

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