Blue Dragon The Blue Dragon is often killed for its chance of dropping a fire cape, the best and only animated cape. It has the same drops as the king black dragon and the kalphite queen, but is easier to kill.


Note that these are in no specific order


  • Zamorak, Guthix and Saradomin trimmed armour
  • Rune gold and trimmed armour
  • Adamant gold and trimmed armour
  • Black trimmed armour
  • Gilded arm
  • Guthans amour
  • Dragon armour
  • Amulet of fury
  • Fire cape
  • Blue dhide chaps and body (G)
  • Studded chaps trimmed
  • Wizard robes gold trimmed and trimmed
  • Splitbark gauntlets
  • Skeletal armour (Not gloves)


  • Highwayman mask
  • Hats and Scarfs
  • Chompy Bird Hats
  • Berets
  • Mime top


  • Bow-Sword
  • Dragon scimmy
  • Guthans war spear
  • Lava blade
  • Abyssal whip
  • Excalibur


  • Null
  • Crystal Key
  • Square sandwich
  • 1GP
  • Ring of dueling 1 (noted)
  • keg of beer

If I forgot anything, add it.