This is what the Black Partyhat looks like.

Ok, now I'm going to talk about the Black Partyhat, aka Black phat, Blk phat, etc.

Before you continue reading, note that there are two types of Black Partyhats. Some of them go into weapon slot (the rarer type) and most of them goes on the head, much like other normal partyhats.

How to get a Black partyhat (this works for all the partyhats, and once worked for the original Orange partyhat[NOT extinct, old players will have this along with most other phats].)

  • There isn't much to say here, collect these the same way you would collect rares.
  • Obtain them from drop parties (you need luck for this one.)
  • Buy them off other players (make sure you can trust them, and don't scam them either!)
  • This can be done, but will pose a bad image of you: Begging.

NOTE: You cannot buy these off general shops.

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