Black H'Ween Mask

A Black H'ween Mask.

The Black H'ween Mask is a custom made item from the template of the original item known as the "H'ween Masks". It was considered an extinct a year ago, until it got spawned and then later became massively leaked. The Black H'ween Mask can be seen worn by many players and can also be seen in drop parties. The Mask is identical to the 2008 mask which is much more rarer. The only difference to distinguish between the 2008 mask and the Black H'ween mask is that the Black H'ween mask is worn in the head slot while the 2008 mask is worn in the weapon slot. There is also the red, blue, green H'ween mask on Godzhell and there is also Yellow custom H'ween mask. The yellow was also considered a extinct a year ago however it was leaked.

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