Bank resets are a common thing in Godzhell and it is when either some of your items in your bank reset or in your inventory. Resets happen if you play on a certain character for a while (EG) you been playing on your main account for Three hours and you get reset, and then you play on your other account for One hour and nothing happens, it just depends how long you are on for. Also it has been rumored it triggers also if you "Dupe" your items or your bank is full. If your lucky your items can double, really it is has 50/50 chance that the items will either double or reset. Resets can also reset your whole friends list sometimes. A good way to avoid resets like this is to make back-up accounts of all of your rares and then play an other account carrying around in the inventory some rares of your choice, this is an advisable tactic in Godzhell and is a good way to avoid these resets. Resets happen automatically, no one can do it themselfs, its programmed in.

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It does not matter how long you've been playing, you will still get reset eventually. Inventory resets rarely happen, but to be safe, wear all of your items and create multiple accounts to wear your rares. Unless the new owner of godzhell does something miraculous, the game will still be unbearable to play.



I have found that when I play the game it may not matter how long you play the game at that one login. The simple fact may be that it is your overall time that you have played the game, so if you plan to play the game for a extended period of time you might want to get used to bank resets.



Wolf12145 is correct. If your account is about 1 1/2 years old, from that point on that account will not get a reset. "Inventory Reset" will often never happen though the resets also deletes your friends list. "Duping" and "How long you play for the day" does not affect resets.



what i found to avoid some resets (doesnt works always idk why but when you login and your bank is gone. you can dupe yourself and (sometimes) your bank is back on that dupe then log out on the one that is reseted and last logout on the one with the bank/biggest bank i did this one time when my bank reseted i went on my dupe there i had half bank then i made another dupe on chrome then i had my hole bank this method doesnt works always idk why.

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Please see the following page for a written guide explaining how to avoid resetting:

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