hi. my godz hell name is bilo lord.

recently, i figured out how to teleport to mostly any where. and any island, by using the little number thing. heres a bunch of teleports that i dont think anyones thought of before, and yes, they've all been tested.

to do the tele, put ::tele before every code.

for example ::tele 99999 99999

03045 03751 - barrows reward

03233 09317 - ghostly robes

03088 09960 - 2nd training spot

02438 05168 - Tzhaar

and now, here are some of the ones i found. some arnt very usefull, but pretty fun.

03243 03197 - past the energy barrier at lummy graveyard

03370 03269 - inside the duel arena waiting zone

03363 03296 - magic stronghold

03300 03312 - inside the alkharid mine

03296 03172 - alkharid pickpocketing area

03304 03115 - over the shanty pass barrier

03276 03029 - bandit dessert area

03180 03121 - stuck in the water


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