Attack is a skill that determines how many blue splats you hit than red.

You start of the game with a drag
Attack Cape (t)

The attack Skillcape

on scimitar.

As you progress your attack level you will be able to wield even better items.

(NOTE: if you have just joined the game and you UNEQUIP your dragon scimitar, you won't be able to wield that weapon again. So make sure you keep it equipped) Many people go to the 'Train' tele but I suggest that you go to 'wc' then enter the last portal located in the small rectangular house. There will be an alter and 2 teleports, enter the last teleport to go to the slayer area. (Make sure you bring some food too, you might need it!)

Another way is typing in ::partyhat and attack them because they respawn in a second :L By George Cornwall :D