Agility Capes
Agility is a skill that can be trained at the agility course that can be accessed from one of the portals at ::portals. You must keep going through the same course to get it up. Another option is to get about 100 tickets or so then dupe them over and over until you have around 50,000 tickets.

Glitch your way up!

Another way to train agility is to "glitch". Duping is not that safe so try this.

  1. When going through the course you find a log balance
  2. Rapidly click the log, and keep clicking. This will give you about 300-800 tickets.
  3. When your person is at the end of the log you have to quickly run back on it


Another way is to ::tele 03001 03946 and u will b on the edge of the log type ::tele 03001 03946 again and then click the log then click enter right after u will b back where u started click the log very fast for a few seconds u will get somewhere around 1000 tickets occasionally more.

The Agility Skillcape.

The skillcape is currently a common rare found on Godzhell. When you get 99 Agility the cape does not appear in your inventory. You must buy the cape from other players. The untrimmed skillcape is more rarer than the trimmed one. It gives you +9 def bonuses to everything and a +2 Prayer bonus.