3rd age full helm
3rd age helm == 3rd age helm is the rarest item in the 3rd age mellee armour set. you often see a player with full 3rd age armour but no helm. but not much or no one knows it ca be made. you need to use pet cat on a coif to make it. pet cat can be bought from the dark wizard in wc and coif can be made using a needle and thread which also can be bought form the dark wizard.

by : IBOS 100

sorry, you cant make the 3rd age helm anymore. i dont know why but it dont work anymore. all that can be said is it is the 2nd rarest part of the 3rd age mellee armour closing behind the shield. it is mostly the part of the 3rd age players dont have but it is leaked and is owned by alot of peaple.

BY : IBOS 100

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