'Perfect' Ring

Perfect ring

The 'Perfect' Ring. The item that was once the most wanted item on GodzHell (Still is) and as a result of this it was Mass produced and duped in thousands everyday. The reasons why it was 

wanted by all whom played Was because of its high stats, it was capable of of a 1 hit kill 90% of the time, And was used for Pk, Glitch Pk, and training.

These days you can still buy them from other players, But other then that it is unobtainable, Not even by the register system, since it is down/ In saying that it isnt really a rare because of the many who have it.

The AGS is more powerful and is a 100% 1 hit kill if the special attack isent used, for some reason the normal attack's in godzhell is stronger than the special attacks. - ibos

'perfect' ring
Perfect ring

Rarity Scale



Yes, ring slot



Dropped by





1 coin

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